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Kate Moss Topshop = hotlink

Keep up to date and be inspired by all the latest styles. Look book, style notes, podcast and shop ;)) 1 hotlink that combines with Kate Moss Mantenha inspirado por todos os últimos estilos. Look book, notinhas de estilo, podcast e compras ;)) 1 hotlink que combina com Kate Moss

my homage to the pop star of the pop art

Andy Warhol (August 6, 1928February 22, 1987) was an American artist associated with the definition of Pop Art and Pop culture. He was a painter, an avant-garde filmmaker, a commercial illustrator, writer and celebrity. He founded the magazine Interview. So, 19th – 23rd to commemorate the death of Andy Warhol, alive eternal for us, an event will start in Gershwin hotel-NYC . Also great material you can hear in studio360, with, between interviews, the music of the campaign campbells soup… and sure you will back for this near past for to understand better our present ;))
Other links:
warhol, a big collection of his art in malarze, the project Capsule 21 and 50 results abour Andy Warhol, in moma

Andy Warhol
(6 agosto, 1928 — 22 fevereiro, 1987) artista americano associado com a definição da Pop Art e cultura Pop. Ele era pintor, um vanguardista filmmaker, um ilustrador comercial, escritor e celebridade. Fundou a revista Interview. Então, entre os dias 19 – 23 fevereiro comemorando a morte de Andy Warhol, que vive eternamente para nós, um acontecimento começará no hotel Gershwin-NYC. Grande material também você pode ouvir no studio360, entre entrevistas, a música da campanha “sopa de campbells… e seguramante voce voltará para este passado próximo para entender melhor nosso presente;)) outros links: warhol, uma coleção enorme da sua arte em malarze, o projeto Capsule 21e 50 resultados sobre Andy Warhol no moma .

Asked a girl what she wanted to be…

the icons means the beatles song “Drive my car”, the video song present Zlango that has created an entirely new language based on pictures…. more info go to TechCrunch...
It´s amazing me, so asking a girl and you??Os ícones significam a canção do Beatles “Drive my car”, a canção no vídeo Zlango apresenta uma linguagem inteiramente nova criada em ìcons … + info visite TechCrunch... Me divertiu e surpreendeu , então… so asking a girl and you??