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tramas de 1 designer = Marcel Wanders

Milan 2007 = Marcel Wanders … a crocheted topiary, which uses a combination of crocheted fibre and resin, giant lamps and silent bells, an ornate Chest of Boxes and handmade irregular delft earthenware. More after the jump… via Mocoloco + links Marcel Wanders1 + 1 +1 about his carpets collection


Via Sensational Color – COLOR TRENDS for 2008

Pantone Color Inspiration and Direction for Home Furnishings and Interiors for 2008…

ReCollections -”A link to the past while looking to the collectibles of the future” – Tapestry 18-4417 and Arabian Spice 19-1245n

Chinoiserie– ”Suggesting the Chinese tradition, this palette is a blend of the graceful shapes and charming motifs’ Chinese Violet 18-3418 and Muted Lime 14-0636

High Profile – “Inspired by the stylish icons that have managed to survive the fads and foibles of the past— techno with retro, mystical with modern”. Sassafras 19-1624 and Festival Fuschsia 19-2434

Ethnic Chic – “Urban nomads wander the world looking for color and styling that speaks to them’. Misted Yellow 14-0837 and Carmine 17-183

Agrestic – ‘Individually crafted materials that are going more ‘up-scale than down-home” Tapenade 18-0840 and Strawberry ice 16-1720

Wellspring – “Inspired by the water that literally supports and sustains life.” Blue Iris 18-3943 and Kiwi16-0235

Savories – “Savoring a more fanciful ‘time-out’ from every-day stress with exuberant hues” Rum Raisin 19-1321 and Orchid 15-3214

Nuances – “Newly nuanced neutrals provide a visual pathway withy unexpected and intriguing combinations”. Antique Bronze 17-1028 and Baroque Rose 18-1634

landscapes of dreams= 1 website + 1 blog

Maggie Taylor via Anahata Katkin

collage + spring = Inspiration Engine

a blog with a fresh spirit of spring and many nice links ;))
1 blog com um espírito fresco de primavera e muitos links adoráveis ;))

my mother´s blog :))

e foi assim … quando voltei à morar no RJ, fazem 4 anos, conheci Ana Castilhos, pintora, ilustradora que desenvolveu uma coleção belíssima de estampas para a Santa Mistura representá-la. Ano passado , classificando meus links visitei o blog, que já era fofo, apresentava eventos culturais, seus trabalhos, outros links super interessantes e que combinavam com a personalidade alegre dela. Visitei tantas vezes que ela me sugeriu fazer o meu blog. Então o Mukifu chic é 1 mãe pop virtual de blogs… no meio dos comentários vc conhece quem são os outros. Vou esperar 1 dia ela fazer a lista dos seus filhos virtuais que ela cuida tão bem. E falando em filhos da Ana e a nova coleção de adesivos 2007 está fazendo o maior sucesso entre outros amigos virtuais!!! excelente!!!once upon a time… when I come back to live in Rio de Janeiro, at 4 years ago, I knew Ana Castilhos, painter, illustrator that developed a very beautiful collection of prints for the Santa Mistura to represent and to sell. Past year, classifying my links I visited the blog, that was very cute, where she presented, cultural events, her works, others links super interesting and that combined with her positive personality. I´ve visited so much times that she suggested me to do my blog. So Mukifu chic is 1 pop virtual mother pop of blogs… in the midle of the comments of her blog you will knows who are the others. I will expect 1 day she do the list of her virtual sons that she take care so well. And speaking in sons of Ana she has a new collection of adhesives 2007 , they are a greatest success between my others visrtual friends!!! excellent!!!