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TheSims2.+ H&M

it is time to play fashion with a lot stylehora de brincar com a moda com muito estilo ;))

Prada = summer 2007 = concept

just wonderful PDF file... a pretty catalogue with fantastic colorful, finally, a little more about Prada showed by Pradasimplesmente 1 arquivo maravilhoso em PDF… um catálogo lindo com colorido fantástico, finalmente, um pouco mais sobre Prada mostrado por Prada

tramas de 1 designer = Marcel Wanders

Milan 2007 = Marcel Wanders … a crocheted topiary, which uses a combination of crocheted fibre and resin, giant lamps and silent bells, an ornate Chest of Boxes and handmade irregular delft earthenware. More after the jump… via Mocoloco + links Marcel Wanders1 + 1 +1 about his carpets collection

Alberto Seveso

portfolio and e-commerce


Paintings which combine Marie Antoinette with the mundane, guns with geishas and biological scientific drawings with beauty, in an eerie yet exciting way’. -KCTV

Pinturas que combinam Marie Antoinette com o mundano, os revólveres com gueixas e desenhos científicos biológicos com beleza, de uma forma sinistra e excitante’. -KCTV


1 young french artist that makes photographies of young girls

1 artista francês jovem que faz fotografias de meninas jovens

Kate Moss Topshop = hotlink

Keep up to date and be inspired by all the latest styles. Look book, style notes, podcast and shop ;)) 1 hotlink that combines with Kate Moss Mantenha inspirado por todos os últimos estilos. Look book, notinhas de estilo, podcast e compras ;)) 1 hotlink que combina com Kate Moss