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tramas de 1 designer = Marcel Wanders

Milan 2007 = Marcel Wanders … a crocheted topiary, which uses a combination of crocheted fibre and resin, giant lamps and silent bells, an ornate Chest of Boxes and handmade irregular delft earthenware. More after the jump… via Mocoloco + links Marcel Wanders1 + 1 +1 about his carpets collection


  Ana Luisa, wrote @



  santa mistura wrote @

nossa é maravilhoso o trabalho dele não?? :))

  Extremely Fashion wrote @

Amo o Santa e tudo o que vc posta aqui.


  santa mistura wrote @

obrigadaaaaaaaa !!!!! seu blog também é 10000000000000000 amei, neste feriado vou dar uma zanzada pelos outros que vc escreve ;))
bjs e super obrigada pelo commen ;))

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