links and links about fashion and design all my favorites


1 art directory… illustrations, photography and ++++++++++
1 portal… ilustração, fotografia e muito ++++++


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  Studio wrote @

Now a days fashion is the part of our life. Today is a Day where every body wants to have different look. He wants a great personality and look different from others.

Every body wants to be a part of latest fashion whether its in clothes, hairstyle or any thing else. In a New genration its like a competition between the youngsters, they want to look best. Today, youngsters spend maximum of there money in being the rat race of fashion.

Fashion changes constantly. The changes may proceed more rapidly than in most other fields of human activity. For some, modern fast-paced changes in fashion embody many of the negative aspects of capitalism: it results in waste and encourages people qua consumers to buy things unnecessarily. Other people, especially young people, enjoy the diversity that changing fashion can apparently provide, seeing the constant change as a way to satisfy their desire to experience “new” and “interesting” things.

Studio Smriti includes a comprehensive guide to everything about women’s fashion including current fashion trends, information about fashion designers, photographs from fashion shows, tips and advice, history, celebrity style, makeovers, jobs and industry information.

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