links and links about fashion and design all my favorites

Prestigium Fashion ins´t not + 1 e-commerce…

first = they show close a 100 photos of fashion acessories with Cuirs Exotiques = croco+ lézard + serpent + autruche and cuirs rares… all products (a very complete line of accessories) with a marvelous design

after all website offer a mountain of informations (in french), videos, interviews, one complete fashion guide for men and women (separate), summary of great restaurants and stores, specially I loved all posts about culture and artprimeiro = mostram perto de 100 fotos de acessórios de moda em Couros exóticos = croco + lézard + serpente + avestruz e outros couros raros… todos produtos (linha completíssima de acessórios) com design maravilhoso. Depois, o link oferece uma montanha de informações (em francês), vídeos, entrevistas, um guia de moda de completo para homens e mulheres
(separados), resumo de restaurantes e lojas, especialmente, eu amei todos postes sobre cultura e a arte ;))



  Anonymous wrote @

Thank you for your compliments.
I am happy that my selection pleases you.
You can find the english version:

Anne-Sophie Berbille

  santa mistura wrote @

it´s great that you have a english version also, 30% of my visitors try to read my bad english ;)) and i don´t have time for to study for to write better ;)) sorryyyyyyyy, but i think it is better that i try to write that my visitors using translators because the results always is very bad, so now knowing that you have a english version soon i will post again ;))

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