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ChaCha Search – Connect and search with a live ChaCha Guide | Home

TechCrunch apresenta “ChaCha Search” – Eu já tenho tantos links para postar sobre moda… mas… a curiosidade deste novo link é que oferecem um guia para nos ajudar… foi muito engraçado, o guia era realmente muito educadomas no fim o sistema está distante de mostrar o resultado que o google me dá, para cada link queencontrei no Chacha eu tenho 5000 X + opções no google “busca avançada – tendências de moda”. Mas sentir que estão surgindo novos serviços na web + humanos , tem 1 conceito perfeito, certo?

TechCrunch presents “ChaCha Search – I have yet so many links for to post about fashion… but , the curiosity of this new link is that they have a guide for to help us… it was very funny, i have try it, the guide was really very polite but in the end the system are far to show the result that google give to me , for each link that I found in Chacha I have 5000 + options for to know asking in advanced search google”fashion trends”. But to feel to come news web services + human is perfect concept, right?


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