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G2 = sucursal G1

Chico Benton e Pedro Ock, repórteres especiais do G2 encarregados de cobrir o universo de Second Life. Elá está nossa no second life ;))


Does it want another clever t-shirt or a whole new kind of garment? Does it want clothes that fit sensibly or flare outrageously? Does your body want to stand out and turn heads or stay hidden in the crowd? Does it want to be adorned or shoe-horned? Does it want humdrum or fun? Would it prefer to be next to boring old cotton or to rub up against some new kind of fur that it’s never felt before? Let all your senses guide you. Choose your clothes with your tongue and your fingers. Inhale them. Listen to them.

In the end, you chooses and mixes fragments of garments and creates your style veryyyyyyyyy special;))

Second Life e uns serviços …

ainda no Halloween…Second Style Magazine + blog de moda blog.secondstyle

G2 = "branch office G1"

Chico Benton e Pedro Ock, special reporters of the G2 cover the universe of Second Life. and there is our in the second life;))

Second life and some news…

until in Halloween.., Second Style Magazine + fashion blog … blog.secondstyle

Fashion Bubbles

Vitrines NY Autum 2007: O Kako, correspondente internacional, Fashion Bubbles manda mais fotos das vitrines de NYC


1 club virtual Diesel, músicas para fazermos downloads, videos, e places que podemos indicar ou conhecer… enfim , roteiro completo… Diesel lifestyle genial o conceito, e a marca vai ficando cada vez mais no nosso coração ;))
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