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Louis Vuitton

o natal está chegando…1 hotlink da Louis Vuiton belíssimo = 1 revista virtual numa noite feliz… noite feliz …
No link da marca, coleção completa e eu amei a linha de carteiras (animação em monogram groom collection) com 1 personagem parecido com TinTin que em 2007 a Belgica irá comemorar em diversos eventos os 100 anos do nascimento do criador do personagem Georges Remi.


  cOoL BoY wrote @

Thanks, to link me !;) ! Kisses !

  santa mistura wrote @

your blog it´s sooooooooo nice you don´t need to said thanks for meeeee ; )))

  Anonymous wrote @

You have so nice blog here, I don’t understand anything, but I love the look. 🙂 ❤

  santa mistura wrote @

Kirsiiiiiiii I´ve discoved your blog this morning and i was thinking the same, i can´t to understand one world but your images are fantastic ;)) Are you a graphic designer??

  Anonymous wrote @

Designing is pretty much what I do, I was an interior designer, but got bored and started doing my own things, resently I’ve started making digital collages and I love it.

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