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work beyond the horizon = oDesk

Internet will change the world, I don´t doubted that brilliant ideas arising in the web, It will put in check so many concepts that we have about everything… social networks for to change / exchange information, for to rank products, prices, services… The “super star” of my post today is oDesk. I knew the link during our holiday (monday ), via techcrunch, the proposal(oDesk) looked to me so necessary that I wrote many times for them, for to remove doubts about all functions of then services or If I was dreamming … with my bad English… but in the end, I have understood everything!!! They are a virtual agence with virtual rooms for clients and professional to meet and to develop together new projects. The hours worked are measures and the professional or team of professionals involved can to communicate through with microphones and webcam. Or it could be, if oDesk will have a client that desires a logo, or an illustration, and + strongly, in the areas of TI and webdesigner, they show all opportunities of jobs, the professional analyzes the project and if he accept, he goes to a virtual room to work straightly from his house. The professionals and companies travel through frontiers changing ideas and developping projects, the payment is for hour/ worked. Genial Genial Genial… It has 1 program that you installs that record every “step” that you made, for example, in a determined moment of my day I´ve doing + 1 illustration for stationery, renaissance subject, and It´is everything save with tumbnails, while I permitted, the program connected recorded “all” my work of the day. What I like also is to think to the end of farce of the agencies of job that “charge” anticipated in Brazil for divulge CV, I´ve passed for many bad experiences, with some interview that never leads in nothing and many times added + a cost of 1 airlift for to listen how much I had to spend +… the future is arriving… It´s in the end of cons, hanger of job, godfathers, these conventional agencies that explore the hard moment of professional transition that seeks for job… So, the future that begins now, who are 1 good professional, independent of origin, race, social status, he will find the work deserved and he will be paid correctly for that!!! It is very important to be up to date always and to study English, for to read, to write and to speak, that without doubtless is a language that + and + is fortified and for me looks is the official language of the web;)) Going to the link it exists a video/ tutorial that shows all process and functions. I wish all success for this project oDesk and for everybody that will be part of it… you??

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