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Mercado Competitivo

Competitive market – THE information that you are needand they define with this slogan this great link, in portuguese. Super informative, mkt fashionable, fashion news, etc and +. via fashion bubbles. Come back to the link, I was super curious to know about that Imelda Marcos creates a line of accessories, dictator´s wife of the ex-Ferdinando Marcos that, probably, was the instigator of the murder of Benign Aquino married with Corazon Aquino that I studied with her daughter Cristina in Lausanne, today, she works on TV, 1 example of a great family , all are super kind and polite, candy people as all the Philippine people… I can´t to understand, 1 fanatic consumer that left the puzzled world upon presenting his 1500 pair of shoes, nust to be doing 1 psychiatric handling, now she is going to do fashion, co-responsible by the pain caused to Aquino´s family and beyond the social chaos of the Philippines… I expect that Imelda goes quick bankruptcy!!

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