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santamistura’s BlinkList page on BlinkList

Alllllllll good! !!! now I can to insert daily all links that I uncover and I visit. Can you imagine how it will go to shorten my daily work with my blog… I think that all my visitors know about my form that i have, today, it have organised close 6000 links favorite about fashion, design and other categories that I research in internet. But only for you to understand what was my work at to know this link… I send an email for with each new link favorite founded, and when I have time, I reopen my e-mail for to classify them in excell. With Blinklist, I finally will be always in day and with organization of my favorites… and never more the fans of my execell they don´t need to ask me again they will just over my cloud and falls there, my mini portal, I love it! !!! So now I have a question, what did you prefer… to continue to reading the post these days, or to wait a week without my posts for me to upload all my favorites to blinklist … today with 6000 + 3000 until in my e-mails… comment please

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