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fashion duel = Fighting Fashionistas & Villainous Vixens

Researches and + researches inside links, duels and fashionable duels… Begin to percieve this aspect after the hint from the blog aboutf in the post “hot or not”, where she describes the success of the game Style Clash, by SHOWstudio in partnership with the department store Beams. After only 1 hour on-line the game received 16.301 participants. And i don´t have give importance to thefashionwars.zoozoom that i was visitit before… and now I´m thinking about how many links in fact already exist showing duels and + fashionable virtual duels?? today receive an email about 1 duel produced by lvhrd… via blog thehappycorp and others virtual duels… the father of alls duls with irreproachable link in flash, to me , it is the trendguide and 1 blog with voting system that I visit with frequency is trendhunter and the runway scoop always after the post she has a question for us to comment… then… where will be to next fashionable battle??

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