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The collection has 1 mission: to alert about “the use” of nuclear energy and the negative consequences in our lives. It´s looks a distant subject because we don´t speak about the existing projects in Brazil. But inside the portuguese link,, they writes, clearly, about all projects, to the eves of our presidency election , they make analyzes of the proposals by the 2 candidates, in the Greenpeace document , they were approached six priority subjects considered, due to the character of urgency by solutions: Energy, Amazonia, Responsible GENETICALLY MODIFIED Agriculture, River São Francisco, Solid Residues and Oceans. In another article they talk… “Despite of not to have been included in the program of government of a possible Squid second mandate and opposing the public opinion, the president of the Eletrobrás, Aloisio Vasconcelos, affirmed yesterday that the federal government will continue wasting resources to the “Brazilian nuclear adventure”. According to him, the nuclear factory Angra 3 should be built and count with the support of nine of 11 connected ministers. That statement shows that the government still considers the possibility to build Angra 3, despite of all the evidences supplied by the other two nuclear factories, Angra 1 and 2, we know that nuclear energy is face, soils, risky and outdated. More than 82% of the Brazilian population differs from the construction of new nuclear factories in our Country.” And now???

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