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(4) Art + social enclosure (+ fashion?) = Canal Contemporâneo + Biennial

today, I received an email from Canal Contemporâneo and I wandered this link for to know a little + about our art, I found the work of Renato Bezerra de Mello, That certainty, Makes me to imagine a runway, that had a setting contribution of him or of another Brazilian artist… only visiting the link and I stayed being questioned what is lacking for us to will live this union in a Biennial, that, 4 example, begins today in SP.

Musing… If I went mayor of SP, certainty, I would go to reasoning an approach of art and fashion and like this, to have an unique event that shows our creations, and not simply, 1 event that throws away a mountain of money for to promoted an events strictly commercial character for few VIP invited ?? That in the end, the results not consolidate in fact what our fashion is, and the profit is not never proportional for who invest , sure who organizes just him have a biggg profits, and we continues to have only one event option… pause for laughs… in the end, our fashionable weeks don´t express the Art that exists in our fashion (rare works where the concept is born in the art, fortunately, we have fashion designers that would be able to represent us).

Our Biennial this year works the subject “how to live together “, with a political character and centered in the social enclosure… cool ;)) I wish , next Biennal win a small alteration… “How to live together with fashion” ;)) and our artists and fashion designers participate actively developping 1 new mega event, that the big public have access and that the ambassadors representatives of our fashion are Ronaldo Fraga, Jum Nakao, Lino Villaventura…
Ps: When I´m conceived and developed the project for TNG + Fashion + Art = Culture (2000/2001).. beginning with the collection inspired in Burle Marx and after, World Trade Center disaster, Nelson Rodrigues in “The life as she is”. It was everything perfect, we help a foundation here in the Rio de Janeiro of Burle Marx, contributing with money and after, in following, a collection, the we produce a theatrical piece with txt adapted by the son of Nelson Rodrigues. It was a success, that generated a lot spontaneous media, and clear, many sales, then I don´t doubted that fashion combines with art, fashion should be inserted in the art, because simply, insistently, I don´t going to get tired to write that FASHION is ART and like this, I detach “always” arts existing inside links, products, collections, concept, creations, inspirations, navigation… like a pure art or art pure.


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