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(2) Fashion + Art = Paper-Doll + space 4 young artists in Toronto

Paper Doll, an independently run company, was formed in the summer of 1998. Based out of Toronto, we try to bring to you some of Canada’s finest and freshest street wear. The company is owned by two young entrepreneurs who have taken their educational background (in computers and cultural studies) and fused it with their combined appreciation for electronic music, urban fashion, and contemporary culture to bring you a unique online shopping experience. At Paper Doll, we don’t want to sell a culture, we want to live it.
When was launched over 5 years ago, we made a commitment to add an artistic element to the site. Every season since our first, we have had a ‘fashion photoshoot’ featured on the site. We are now taking a bold new step. We want to eliminate the gap between photographer and model, and we’re opening this space for young artists to showcase their own interpretations of clothing we carry on Paper Doll.”
It´make´s me to remmenber the “comida(food)” title music made by Titãns... they sing
A gente não quer só comida ( We don´t want only food)
A gente quer comida, diversão e arte ( We want food, fun and art)
A gente não quer só comida ( We don´t want only food)
A gente quer saída para qualquer parte… ( We want an exit for any part)
Desejo, Necessidade e vontade, Necessidade e desejo, Necessidade. (desire, Need and will, Need and desire, Need. )
for to listen instrumental version click here and/or for to distract in this rainning weekend in the Rio de Janeiro, visiting the Oficial link Titãs

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