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The president fled !!!

Last night I was angered with the absence of our Mr. Lula ( really a Squid), present president and candidate 1 more time for our president elections. We do not deserve this disregard. And he did me decide, I am going to vote for the first time in my life, I´ve deny to participate of any political positioning during mine 46 years of age, I was born practically in the environment of the AI5, my father was annulled, as I saw to be annulled the culture and in the same package, our future, by coward agents. Years that we don´t decide the direction of our country, years that vultures rolls our fates, they´re living with our work, better, from our daily fight. If I was able I would vote 3 candidates to our presidency that were yesterday in the TV Globo, Heloísa Helena represent the northeast, Cristovam Buarque that have started a beautiful project for education that deserved to be resumed, but finally, with certainty Geraldo Alckmin looked calmer for treat with all the graves questions of our country, in this moment is better be not very emotional our news president, it´s also sufficiency experiences with our lives. I am without job fix in my area, since the beginning of the Lula´s government , I imagine the dramas that exceed mine, spreaded in all country. Fashion Bubbles, I vote today in this brazilian blog, with 4 post well interesting, fighting to a better country! !!! because the fashion involves the work of millions peaples, because with or without structure, they are informing what is happening here and outside, with facts, because they are doing fashion with the lility. Sometimes, I see that the posts happen early morning. We are really a country of heroes… to the exception of the president and his gang, It´s clear!

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