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A estrangeira – ópera (The Foreign – opera)

Jocy de Oliveira, Prize-winning composer here and outside, one of the pioneers in our country in multimedia and stage electronic music, since 60´s. From the Greek myth Medéia and medieval melody in French´s archaic, Jocy produced a spectacle that approaches the aspect transgressor and the conflicts of woman´s present. During 70 minutes you will watch the opera interpreted by the German soprano invited Sigune Von Osten (days 28 and 30) and by the brazilian Gabriela Geluda (day 29). Everything in Greek (cwith only some words in others languages), it is a true sonorous experience, in some moments translated (in Portuguese) by Marilena Bibas. The final hype is model and direction by the fashion designers Jum Nakao e Kiko Araújo. The actresses appear in incredible suits, deeds of cords. In the face, warlike paintings. All more than contemporary. Unmissable. via radar 55

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