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Can a T-shirt Change the world?? certainty it can help the world get better… Gap is lauch partner of product(RED), and initiative founded by Bobby Shriver and Bono,to raise awareness and to produce (product) red products. Gap(product) Red is about helping you make a difference in Africa. We´re contributing half the profits from gap(product) Red to the global fund, to help women and children affected by HIV/AIDs in Africa. The color of the project is red, highlight of winter 2006 / 07. Congratulations to everybody envolved, who thought the project, who participates, who that go to give up their profits for this causes and for who buys also. The collection Red of the Gap will be available in the site at 13 of October. Dreams with a special campains in Brazil, It could throw this project electing the green of our forests for help our Indians, the white of the stars for our peace and future of the lacking minors spreaded by all our country, and why not also the red one, for catch lift in this campaign, and help ours seropositive… we have so bigs socials and economics problems here, that I find that all the colors could to be able to be a color for news actions like that one.

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