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Issamu :: 3 vivas to BlogDay!

Issamu blog that I visit always, he post that today we should indicate 5 blog for will be honored (blogsday – 31 of August) … I am not going to repeat the list of him because I finished speaking about one of them… fabio seixas, finally… now I will feel with fault for remainder the day …I will present the news one that i discover this last days , normaly they love fashion and design like me ; ).
1- alĂ©m do Horizonte of Margareth Krause, Artist: visual, graphic, plastic, circus …
2 – essenaoeomeushampoo straightly from Limeira to web
3 – rodrigomuniz he loves web and I have a post that i make a copy for my word ; )) about the “fashion in the design for the web”
4 – Isa bahia Brazilian that writes in french about her bijoux collection, super chic;))
5- novo-mundo that finished doing 3 years of his blog, not new for me but to indicate hi is my homage of congratulations, therefore the anniversary he promise to come back to write always… but that is unjust only 5… ; ((

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