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the message that we wear

BazaarAdriatic – Street Fashion Store if I wrote before that through the links of illustrators and graphic designers , with certain advance the subjects showing in his works after some months we can find to be a emergent fashion trends… the birds, the rock, tattoos, the graphite, appliances and tools, renaissance, recycled, finally, rescue cultural fragmented “gluing” the urban art. I just love to see this summary in Tees / subjects/ brands. The “Mono-product” brand group fulfills with important roles that integrates private visions of the reality, in a intimate relation with the consumer, “magic pair” awake the consumption desires. It´s very hard, i think, for to positioning “multibrands” commerces and, maybe, still more hard, for the fashion designers to be authentic and treat the subjects with private style, without copy. The subjects are collective, the style should be unique. Back to this link… 1 huge lists of options, 1 huge list of styles… True Love False Idols, Mighty Fine, Klovis, Imaginary foundation, Heavy Rotation, Cardboard Robot, beautiful/decay, Azevino florence, Triple5soul, Mixx, Material lust, Gentle Fawn, Drifter, Doe, Cardboard Robot, between others, are the message and the word that do not be necessary to say, simply, we like and we dress ;))
I still wait, here in Brazil, beyond Camiseteria arise + options of e-commerces that join our designers and his messages, knowing, like a consumer, I expect of the fashion, a lot of creation and art in products easy to wear. That´s all !!!!

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