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Silk Story

It is a very special moment to present the silk legend. When I am giving training about fabrics in shops and, well, in the midle of the explanation about the origin of each raw material, a pause for to speak about the legend in a special edition – Pierre Cardin. The book, illustrated, count that 1 Chinese emperor, upon passing away, left testament for the 3 daughters, and one of them earned her creation of caterpillars and, the princess, sad in the garden, while took her tea the cocoon fell in her cup and upon trying get out of her cup she hauled a long silky thread that, with him, the princess did her first fabric what came her big spring of fortune. In the link, the history happened with the wife of the emperor 2640A.C, despite of be ugly the site, It´s very nice to read all complete and short legend . After to look at 1 sequence of images that presents all the trial of silk output. Also very interesting, marvelous samples of fabrics that are for to sale in Catania silk.

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