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The Future of Fashion Distribution

2 links = EXTRATASTY – 1 tees collection with a nice urban style and after 1 blog of the brand with 1 point of view well interesting (in English), sometimes a litle radical, but I agree in many aspects with then reason and, with my experience of 25 years in retail trade of Brazil, I mix a little the txt original with “MY” point of view;)) THE text in topics speaks: Traditional Retail is Dying: I agree that it passes for a transformation, but they will doesnt dye, after all, it is part of the humanity evolution … we will live in constant transformation and evolution. The original text talk about ” rents in large shopping complexes reduce the viability for fashion retailers to open up and remain profitable “, associated to “The current rate of oil prices”, interest rates… When “everything” is against them then that has relative effects upon the rest of the chain as well. Very correct and obvious too;
Retailers are bringing fashion labels down with them, I find it very grave and also I agree but it doens´t happening close all retailers. “they stock won’t deliver their orders to them unless they are paid on time”. the consequences here is. They´re pressured to pay old debts for renew their stocks, the distributor conceals the strong brand or with their not healthy operation, compromise the brand distributed, sometimes extending promotions or using old stocks with a very low prices for attract consumers. I was witnessed infinities times where the distributor that lack stock “healthy” of the brand that i ask, he say that the brands ist´t delivering new products anymore or many other “excuses” that, with certainty, “plant” in the consumer 1 negative aspect. That should compel the brands to supervise with more attention all distributors and will seek new distribution channels, while, the distributors will have to review new alternatives for to revitalize his profits and all operation. The commercial strategy of both must to be revised each station.
Online works but is limited: he said ” Online retailing has proven successful in selling basic items – tees, bags, belts and the like. It lacks the viability to sell denim or pants and high fashion is out of the question. ” I find that with time everything will be selling in internet … time will solved. I agree with ‘ Factoring in shipping and the general difficulty and turn around of sending back ill fitting clothing is one more hassle the customer doesn’t want to deal with. It´s new for all we must try and to learn sometimes with the mistakes que learn how to do the correct.“Online distribution is fantastic for reaching an international market”, generating another channel of yield, more than that, I find that through the web, the brands has absolute control of his image, also the link represents what the brands is, why she exist, concept, lifestyle, product, etc., also it is available for to be known by “every” Internet users, without any kind of frontiers.
– People Power = 1 idea in development… speaking about my conutry in crisis at 20 years, that the money changes from hands all hour, this alternative of distribution made for the consumer to the consumer, never passes from a temporary activity, I would not lose my time in develop a structure for administer this trial. Clear that Natura, Avon were born and grew making this type of distribution, but the cosmetics business is well diferent to textile. Or maybe someone, responsible by the strategy of these companies would be able to teaching the textil to do this concept to work.
Alernative Points of Sale Points of alternative sale – Bars, hairdressers, art galleries – they usually display art on their walls – the post original suggests them display fashion and adds a diversity and uniqueness to their brand and their image. Certainty, think of these unusual places that belong to the client “life style, will aggregate value to the brand, the costs of these new agreements of distribution, will be incomparably, more interesting than the conventional options. In São Paulo we find already some experiences in this direction, I remember, a five years ago, close Avenida Paulista, ( the financial heart of São Paulo) over theses streets has coffees, bars and restaurants that sold, books, clothes, accessory, etc. And not forgetting, to fantastic history of the TNG, that began with Via Lorenzo win success selling footwear distributed in an electrical appliances concert, inside the Matarazzo mall at 20 years ago. At least, 2 years ago, trendwatching detached in post the healthy association that began between products and/or actions cooperated between strong brands, hotel + fashionable brands, water + gourmet, and others.

one more time sorry about my bad english ; ))


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