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La+Croix+La+Renaissance and the laptop of Leonardo

if I was developing product today (clothes), I would be certain studying with care the Renaissance period, trying to do an analogy with our today. A movement that involved big changes in the social relations, in a new conception of life adopted by an installment of the society, and that be exalted and diffused in art´s works. Where the understanding of the world passed to deed from the importance of the human condition. An another one outstanding characteristic was the rationalism, It was the conviction that everything can to be explained by man reason and by the science, refusal in to believe in any thing that haven´t been tried, in this way, the experimentalism, the science knew big development. The individualism also was one of the Renaissance values and reflected the emergency of the middle-class and new work´s relations. The idea of each one is responsible by the conduction of his life, the possibility of to choice and to manifest himself about diverse subjects, they accentuated gradually the individualism and, in some way, it is what I´m looking to happen in the web, over all in all blogs. It doesn´t imply to a man isolation, that he continues to live in society, in straight relation with others men, but in the possibility that each one should take decisions and express it freely. In the Renaissance was accentuated the importance of the nature study, and everybody, today, read with a lot of interest about it and everything that talk about the future of our planet. The hedonism represented the “cultured to the pleasure”, or it means, the idea of the man “is able to” produce the beautiful, he can generate a work just by the pleasure for to provide to him, breaking with the pragmatism… The Universalism was one of the main characteristics of the Renaissance and considers that the man should develop all the areas of the knowledge; and I have read extensive texts about education reforms that propose a model multi-discipline, inspired many times in Rudolf Stein. And in the figure of Leonardo da Vinci we find the most important model of “universal man”, mathematical, physical, painter and sculptor, studied including aspects of the human biology. And the Web in the middle of it? as well the Italy in the Renaissance, in the epoch, that it didn´t exist like a nation, today, the millions links, the e-commerce (they are the new Maecenas?), without frontiers, that intensify, gradually, enabling and facilitating the integration of new products in the habits of consumption, that generate important transformations, and in that sense, responsible by a new model of life, with new social relations where the men find + near some of the others. That analysis let me to be able to say that to new mentality of the urban population represents the essence of those changes and It will output 1 new Renaissance? It is important that we didn´t we judge the Renaissance as a movement of “some big men”, but as a movement that represents a new urban society, it characterized by the new bourgeois values. We are living a period of big worthy revision, that involves the social, economic, political, religious positioning, by this side we watch, barely peacefully, the urban decadence, at the same time that we watch the “dances” of the displacement of the economic axes and big technological impulses that promote consequences in the cultural output. And the fashion in the middle of that? I stayed puzzled always, while Lacroix has a wonderfull collection that mixture references of diverse periods detaching luxury, today in yaelmer, present a strange bag, inpired in a biblical history of judith and holofernes style complety inspired in Renaissance. The fresco paint in Adidas store , posted here before, the collages from divers links, the strong religious references in everything, but without doubtless, just they came to make commonplace credulous by a bigger cause, a revision and an emergent attempt for us to the chaotic route and negative of the world, filling of angels, saints, edens, flowers, jewels, fantasies, art and good dreams, in a SANTA MISTURA (saint mixture) ;)) and a book that Arrives now to read that explain much better then me about an analogie with renassaince and tecnologie … O LAPTOP DE LEONARDOSHNEIDERMAN, BEN

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