links and links about fashion and design all my favorites


1 conceito deste e-commerce é uma delícia ; )) vc monta um coordenado com os produtos que eles oferecem, compra ou não, e o “seu” coordenado fica lá como sugestão para os visitantes, que estarão votando nele. Tem muito produto para ver e coordenar ; ))


  urban bloom wrote @

How fun! I always get the best links and fashion tips from reading your blog. I just started my own and I’d love to exchange links. Let me know + thanks!

  santa mistura wrote @

was very nice to me to read comments in english because i never know if i write tooooooooo much wrong ; )) but in the end the more important is that you like the links ; )) i have made in the end of last year a plain in excell where i have organize all my favorite links, reviewing all is the real reasio that make me to start my blog. Today the web was a worderfull world of criative worlds inside the links … right??
so here you present your collection?? you do all?? and sell in EUA?

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