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sandra ortiz

2 surprises this morning… I uncovered 1 marvelous blog that I post running in my design category, el collage, after, I have visited 3 favorites links of him, were I found Mauricio Planel´s work and ILUSTRANDO was the second link, I wrote searching the word “fashion” and i found my 2º surprise… Sandra Ortiz that presents 9 fashionable illustrations all veryyyyyyyy nice ;)) in the end I´m stayed thinking… Around all world live a fever that use illustrators in everything, especially in fashion, when the Brazilian brands will go “to open the eyes” and to uncover the alternative 4 to use + these artists in complement of then image communication?? When our fabrics businessmen goes to value our creation in prints and illustrations. Are we going first to need to sell outside, winning this big external market for just after to start to sell here at home?? Why the Brazilian businessmen pay 500U$ by print in Indigo(Paris) and they don´t pay 500R$ here?? Excuse this outburst, but really is “Punk” !!! and I continue exporting my work because is the only market that exists in fact 2 me and I know that few designers live exclusively making prints and is not because lack creativity or information… is a really hard country for illustrators.


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